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  • Best Car rental search engine:
    Auto Slash - Uniquely combines a wide range of coupons with all major rental companies.
    I often find drastic savings here compared to other sites. If you book further in advance, you can also track prices with their tracking tool, which will allow you to book a new rental if they drop in price and then you can cancel the old one.
  • Get Money Back on Your Broken Stuff
    If you're like me, you may have noticed that many products tend to fail soon after their warranty has expired. This is because companies tend to set their warranty coverage period at a place where they know they can minimize how many products they have to cover, while still keeping customers happy if they fail too soon. The good news is that most credit card companies tend to have an Extended Warranty plan which will add 1-2 years worth of coverage (for a combined total of 5) on any product you purchase with the card provided the manufacturer's warranty is less than 5 years. Obviously if you broke something, it won't be covered, but if you take care of your stuff you shouldn't run into that too often. 🙂

    Submitting a claim through American Express, for example, takes approximately 5 minutes and no supporting documentation is required besides the date, vendor, and length of the warranty that has expired. Just like that, within 24 hours the full price of the product will be reimbursed. In my experience, no questions are asked or evidence required, though that may differ for products over $50.
    American Express Extended Warranty
    Visa Signature Extended Warranty
    MasterCard Extended Warranty

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